Walking on water

Construction was occurring on the sidewalk, rendering it impassable.  These paving stones were placed in the street to allow pedestrians to walk across the roadside ditch without getting wet.

Water Walkway

  • Allows people to avoid getting wet
  • Is a creative use of paving stones
  • Means that the construction workers saw a potential problem and addressed it

But, what happens when people need to pass in opposite directions at the same time?


  1. Broseph, you most definitely have a different way of seeing the world than I do. It is incredibly awesome to see the gift of a variety of perspectives in the world and, in that sense, also incredibly humbling. Keep rocking and do not forget the little people.

  2. Rule # 2 after patience applies, Sharing i.e. taking turns. ;>)

  3. conalldempsey says:

    @ Steve

    Thanks for reading and leaving the supportive commentary. I am glad you enjoy my observations and I have been having a load of fun traveling about seeing this part of the world!

    @ Hart

    Indeed, I agree. However, the walkway was too long to see the other side before you started walking (construction was blocking the line of sight) so you wouldn’t know there was an imminent conflict until you were already in the middle of the water. More sharing would be good though!

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