Too many choices for laundry?

Several months ago I featured a post about a washing machine with just two options for laundry load size.  Short of a sink filled with soapy water, or washing your clothes in a river, that’s about as simple as washing machines get.

I recently encountered a machine that could be the most complicated washing machine one can get (at least for home laundry use).

To save you the bother of reading all that, here are some summary stats. We have:


14 Wash Cycle options


4 Soil Levels

4 Spin Speeds

5 Wash-Rinse Temps


2 options for Deep Clean

2 options for Extra Rinse

2 options for Pre Soak

3 options for End of Cycle Signal

That comes out to over 21,000 different ways to run this washing machine!


  1. Does the warranty last long enough to try each and every option?

  2. I see a “whitest whites” wash cycle, but what of my laundry that is only semi-white or mostly white from years of use? Which cycle do I use then?

  3. conalldempsey says:

    @ am

    Very good question! I wonder if the machine manufacturer plans for a machine to last for over 21,000 uses or not.

    @ Tom

    Perhaps “Heavy Duty” is the option for you. Still, if the makers of this machine hear from you they very well might add additional cycle options for “Semi Whites”.

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