Simple Staircase

Log Staircase

A simple staircase. Just notches cut into a log.

Seems to be mainly done for tradition, as the town is definitely connected enough to have knowledge of and access to materials for staircases. They even have satellite TV!

Satellite Dish House


  1. How hard are those notch stairs to use? Are there not a lot of elderly people or do the old folks just not leave their house?

  2. thatch hut with dish TV….that is awesome.

  3. @ operandi

    I would not want to have to rely on those stairs to get to my house after a long night at the pub. I think I would spend a fair amount of nights just sleeping at the foot of the stairs.

  4. @ operandi

    I didn’t find them super easy to use, but then again I wasn’t raised on them. The folks I saw going up and down were not particularly old, but I reckon those older folks are just used to it. Luckily the platform height is about four feet, so with decent coordination you only need to step on one of the stairs to make it up to the platform.

    @ mark

    Similarly, I think after a night out you might simply find it easier to clamber directly onto the platform and skip using these stairs at all!

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