Running Silent in Detroit

As you know, I’ve been in India for about a week now and no, I didn’t make a special trip back to the USA for this post. Still, this train was pretty cool so I wanted to put up the video (even though it is a few weeks later).

Inside the Detroit airport there is a train. INSIDE.

This train is so quiet, that unless you look right at it and see it going by, you wouldn’t even notice it. This video was shot at full-volume and is delivered to you at the same.


For comparison, compare the train noise to the airport announcement you can hear.


  1. anthony faber says:

    Lots of airports have people movers these days.

  2. conalldempsey says:

    @ Anthony Faber

    Yep that’s true. It was not the people mover so much as the total lack of noise that I found impressive. Especially after living next to Chicago’s elevated train! The people from the CTA and the airport people mover companies really need to talk.

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