Privacy at the barber

Outdoor Barber Shop

Does a barber shop need to be inside?
Are there any worries about setting up your food stall right next to a barber outdoors?
Would you feel “on display” getting your haircut here?
Is is bad to be seriously sweating while getting a haircut (which is a concern in the searing heat of Laos, where this shop was spotted)?


  1. Conall,

    I like the idea of a haircut outside in the evening, but agree that a hot and humid climate may not be the best spot. I bet a shower afterwards would feel great.

    As for the diners, I think I would be a little concerned about some stray hairs floating over. Is the dark spot on the left rear part of the barber shop a pile of hair?

  2. conalldempsey says:

    @ Mark

    Good question. I can’t make out what that pile is, but hair doesn’t seem like an unreasonable guess.

  3. The ‘Barber Shop’ sign looks hand painted … and very well done at that. Someone in Laos has a very steady hand.

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