Permanent Seating

Outside a public building in Menlo Park, CA, I saw several of these objects bolted to the wall.


There were about eight of these in a row and at one end, a portable toilet.


The flat panels rotate to make a seat for those folks waiting in line to use the toilet!


An interesting combination of permanent seating with a temporary toilet.

Why do you suppose the seat platforms rotate from vertical to horizontal? A few ideas are (a) to speed drying after the seats get rained on (b) to avoid people leaving trash on the seats (c) any other ideas?

4 thoughts on “Permanent Seating

  1. Great addition Mark. Thanks!

    I’ve gotten to thinking about what could be the CONS of such a design. I’ve come up with:

    (1) More complex to manufacture

    (2) More effort to maintain

    Both of which make it more costly and a simple flat single piece seat.

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