Permanent Seating

Outside a public building in Menlo Park, CA, I saw several of these objects bolted to the wall.


There were about eight of these in a row and at one end, a portable toilet.


The flat panels rotate to make a seat for those folks waiting in line to use the toilet!


An interesting combination of permanent seating with a temporary toilet.

Why do you suppose the seat platforms rotate from vertical to horizontal? A few ideas are (a) to speed drying after the seats get rained on (b) to avoid people leaving trash on the seats (c) any other ideas?


  1. (d) To prevent people from using a series of ‘benches’ as a bed.

    (e) To prevent skateboaders from ‘riding the rails’

  2. Great points Liam.

    Skaters “grinding” the bench would be a problem if they used this kind of bench I wrote about a few months ago.

  3. to prevent birds from dropping on them

  4. Great addition Mark. Thanks!

    I’ve gotten to thinking about what could be the CONS of such a design. I’ve come up with:

    (1) More complex to manufacture

    (2) More effort to maintain

    Both of which make it more costly and a simple flat single piece seat.

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