Octopi don’t skate

Earlier this week a friend of mine used the phrase “an octopus on roller skates“. I’d never heard it before, but when I got ready to post this picture taken in San Francisco, I knew I had to throw that quote in too.

A clever use of metal sea creatures to beautify the San Francisco waterfront promenade, incorporate the aquamarine theme, and prevent unwanted skating along the edges of concrete benches!


  1. My what colourful, eloquent friends you have.

  2. Not only do they not scate, they ruin it for those who do.

  3. conalldempsey says:

    @ Sumanth

    Indeed, I was impressed enough to note the phrase!

  4. conalldempsey says:


    Is it true that as far as animals go, octopi tend to be ill tempered?

    That’s no excuse for them to be skate-yard spoil-sports though, I agree.

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