Not your typical museum

At the Cambodia Landmine Museum outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia, one has the opportunity to learn more about the use of landmines in Cambodia and worldwide, as well as the efforts being made to clear the land and care for those victims of the mines.

Landmine Museum

What you see above is my ticket for entry and, in the background,  deactivated ordinace found in Cambodia.  This was the first museum (or any place for that matter) that I have visited which guaranteed to me that the materials on display would not blow up.


  1. conalldempsey says:

    @ Liam

    I understand that they were planted by the USA, Vietnam, and the Khmer Rouge during the Vietnam conflict and the ongoing conflicts with the Khmer rouge. Some were mass manufactured and some were homemade. Some were Chinese and Russian in origin, but I am not sure who planted them. Unfortunately the URL for the museum isn’t working, or I’d provide a link.

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