Lefty or Righty

hands-razorHave you ever stopped to notice which tasks you do every day with which hand?  I am a lefty when it comes to writing; I bat, catch and throw righty.

Normally I shave and brush my teeth using my left hand to hold the razor and toothbrush.

This week, I decided to change it up, using my right hand for each of those tasks.  Surprisingly, it was fairly easy to shave with my right hand, but it was quite difficult to brush my teeth righty.

Give this exercise a shot.  You know you want to.  Let me know how it goes.


  1. Perhaps not all readers are as ambidexterous as you.It might, therefore be best to begin with teethbrushing, hair brushing, even soaping up in ths shower rather than shaving.

  2. I agree with am. I am too scared of slitting my own throat (even though I don’t use a straight razor) to shave left handed.

  3. conalldempsey says:

    @ am and K

    Great point. What say you readers try this out on some less health-hazardous activities? Although these days razors are fairly safe to use, I’d hate to cause any risk.

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