Iron and Coal

On the ground floor of my apartment complex there is a man who irons clothes for a living.

His tool

His fuel

His fire

One load of charcoal burns for about 30 minutes and he tells me that he much prefers to work with a charcoal burning iron than an electric one.  Do you think this makes the clothes smell like smoke? Do you think there are “hot spot” issues? Do you think it is more likely to burn clothes? Do you think ironing is more of an art this way?


  1. Is there a separate ironing board?
    Can you photo one of his normal products?

  2. conalldempsey says:

    @ am

    A table top is the ironing board he uses.

    Not sure what you mean “one of his normal products”, bit if you’re curious, the garments ironed are the same as anywhere…shirts, sheets, other clothes.

  3. I would think that the iron is pretty uniformly heated as it it the ash on the bottom and I am sure he is glad to be rid of the cord. I bet that thing is very heavy. The reason for an electric iron was constant heat and a lighter instrument. At least he solved one problem.

  4. @ Aunt Pam

    Great thoughts. Thanks for visiting and sharing your insights. Maybe he likes the heavier iron so he gets a workout in as well?

  5. Connall – tripped on your blog one day…
    these irons are much better (and dangerous) than the electric irons here. When you get clothes ironed by these guys – it almost has an drycleaned shirt feel to it, if you like heavy starch.

    Of course, you can’t beat at your door service for ironing shirts. Are you going to swing by Kerala?

  6. conalldempsey says:

    @ Matthew

    Thanks for dropping by and letting me know you’d come. Welcome welcome!

    I don’t know that I’d prefer USING one of these irons, but I can see your points about the benefits of having your clothes ironed by them.

    I did swing by Kerala last week. Cochin, Kottayam and the Backwaters. Was lovely. Then a 24 hour roundtrip up to Goa, so I saw a lot of the coastal towns as we passed through.

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