Ideal Ice Level

Styrofoam cupOn the side of a familiarly-branded foam cup, this small icon was spotted (sorry for the blurry picture).

It appears to be an indicator of how much ice to fill the cup with. Can you figure out any other meaning behind this icon?

If it is an “ideal ice level” indicator, I wonder how the cup maker decided what was the ideal amount.

Is it based on an average assumed beverage consumption rate?

Is it trying to ensure that an average consumer will imbibe the majority of their drink at some ideal temperature which provides maximum enjoyment?


  1. or does it tell the vendor how much ice he can put in so as to need less drink per cup?

  2. That seems a little too low for the recommended amount of ice, don’t they normally fill to the brim?

  3. @ am and @ Sumanth

    I think what we are seeing here is the difference between what the cup manufacture, the Coca-Cola company, the restaurants serving the product, and the consumer might see as “ideal”.

    My guess is that Coke has designed this cup, so the manufacturer has printed according to Coke’s instructions.

    Sure, the restaurant might want to overfill the ice, but at least Coke and the consumer can complain that they knew better.

    Finally, where I actually saw this cup was a diner that allowed customers to fill their own drinks. In that case, a recommendation on the ideal ice level could be very nice.

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