Hello Mr. TX-1

After a week or two with just my cell phone camera to get me through the day, I’m back in business with the Sony Cybershot DSC-TX1.

Sony Cybershot TX1

Note – This shot of the camera was taken with my cell.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with the new camera; just getting used to the new product. The technological jump between this camera and my last one is huge and I am still getting used to the touch-screen controls.

Thanks to everyone who sent across camera suggestions, I checked out quite a few before I decided on the TX-1.  I owe a big thanks to my friend Julie who referred me to www.dpreview.com.  The site isn’t pretty, but it does have thorough reviews.

A few features on the TX-1 that I look forward to using are (a) the incredibly advanced night shot sensors and (b) the super easy to use panoramic shot creator. I’ll definitely show you some samples in future posts.


If you have any links to walk-throughs of the TX-1, please go ahead and leave links in the comments!

Small Bug


  1. Is your TX-1 an upgrade from the TX Terminator in T3: Rise of the Machines?

  2. Very nice. My digital camera is 8 years old. Still using it. It’s an awesome 4.0 megapixel.

  3. conalldempsey says:

    @ Tom

    Hard to say. So far my camera has not tried to kill anyone though, which I consider an upgrade.

    @ Magnus

    Good man! Glad to hear you take such good care of your camera!I carry mine in a pocket almost every day, so it takes more than an average amount of abuse. I usually look to get 3 years of use out of my cameras. Going on 1 month now!

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