Dashed Illusions of Security

Ok, it’s not a safe box, but the lock on this drawer does make me feel like it will be a bit more secure to leave my valuables in when I leave my hotel room.

Drawer Lock

And that feeling of slightly increased security lasts all the way up until I realize the entire drawer can simply be removed from the cabinet.

Drawer Moved


  1. Did you discover the security issues before or after you had used the drawer?

  2. Did you have to try to remove the drawer or is it pretty obvious that it is mobile?

  3. conalldempsey says:

    @ Operandi

    I never used the drawer. I realized it was movable as soon as I turned the key in the lock and tried to pull it out, the entire drawer lifted up, and I discovered the issue.

    @ Steve

    Well, let’s just say, if I was a thief and was looking to steal something from this drawer, any amount of contact with it would have made it clear that the drawer could be moved. Soon enough I am sure I’d discover it was completely removable!

    Good questions detectives!

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