Credit Solution

At a gas station in Wisconsin I saw a credit card swipe which incorporated a step towards a total solution for an old credit card problem.

Credit cards have a magnetic strip which card readers use to identify the owner of the card and other information. For a long time card readers required the user to orient the card facing one direction so that it could be read.

Credit Card Swipe

This reader allows the user to put the card in facing either direction.

Credit cards easily fit into the reader four different ways, but traditional card readers can only read the card when inserted one way.  This reader accepts the card two ways. Great improvement.

Why not have the magnetic strip on both sides of the card?  Why not design readers to accept the card ANY of the four ways the credit card fits?


  1. anthony faber says:

    If the magnetic reader heads get cheap enough, we could.

  2. @ Anthony

    Certainly cost would have to enter into the equation. Perhaps it would be cheaper if the credit card companies printed the magnetic strip on all four possible positions on the card, so you could insert the card any direction.

  3. another way for your product to be purchased by the masses…….

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