Cigarette Incense

Cigarette Incense

In the event you don’t happen to have any incense handy for venerating a shrine, cigarettes will do.  Creative product use. Again have to wonder if this use ever crossed the imagination of any product designer at any cigarette company, ever.


  1. While I guess there is some merit to the novel use of cigarettes, I think that more often, incense is used to mask the smell of smoking cigarettes or other items, and that most people would not find the smell of a burning cigarette that appealing. Do the deities depicted at the shrine find the smoke from the cigarettes just as appealing?

  2. conalldempsey says:

    @ mark

    In every country that I visited (with the exception of Singapore perhaps) smoking is still quite popular and EVERYWHERE, so I think the idea of masking the smoke is not as likely. I can’t comment specifically on the mood of the deities, as I just don’t know.

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