Central Air or Window Units?

Whenever you are installing air conditioning for the first time, this question is sure to come up. What are the deciding factors that would influence your decision?

If you were trying to cool a reception hall which has a capacity of 350 people, which do you think would work better?

I can’t speak for whether it is cheaper or more efficient, but this hall opted for the window unit approach. Twenty-six window units to be exact.

Whatever other effects it had, this approach definitely kept the room frigid.


  1. That is awesome. I know of one guy who would love to have 26 air conditioners in his bed room. I bet the wiring must be crazy to accommodate all the draw.

  2. thinking some more about this. If you were to set them to the thermostat control rather than auto on, would they al turn off and on at the same time, or run slightly different based on the varying temperature in the room?

  3. conalldempsey says:

    @ Mark

    Good points! It would be pretty sweet if each independently judged the nearby temperature and adjusted accordingly. I doubt it had any sort of feedback loop to accommodate that, but I would not have been surprised if each unit ran totally separately and individually needed to be turned on and off.

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