A VEGETARIAN restaurant

The restaurant owner who commissioned this sign had to decide which was more important, the name of their restaurant, or the fact that it serves vegetarian food.

This leads me to wonder about a number of related questions:

(1) What does this say about the local vegetarian restaurant options? Are there so few options that the only thing that matters is the fact that the food is vegetarian?

(2) What can be inferred about the quality of the food (if anything)?

(3) What space is this restaurant trying to occupy in the market?

(4) And in the interest of answering at least one question: Did I eat there? No.


  1. anthony faber says:

    1) It probably says that there aren’t many. In San Francisco, there are a fair number of vegetarians and vegans, so most restaurants have SOMETHING on the menu suitable for them. It’s also not just vegetarians. I’ve had friends that were kosher enough that they wouldn’t eat non-kosher meat, but not so kosher that they wouldn’t eat at a restaurant that served non-kosher things.
    2) In general, I find that vegetarians are more thoughtful about food, so, if I had to guess, I’d say it was better than average.
    3) A storefront? Seriously, most people eat vegetarian meals on occasion so their potential clientele isn’t limited too much.

    A question for you. Vegetarians eat veggies. What do humanitarians eat? I give Golden Gate Park’s Humanitarian Grove a wide berth, myself.

  2. conalldempsey says:

    @anthony faber

    Thanks for sharing your insights on vegetarianism and the market. This restaurant is in Philly, so it was good to hear about SF. Now, as to humanitarians….I think you make a wise choice!

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