A river runs near it

At my apartment in Bangalore there is a strange problem with the bathroom sink.

It is situated too far away from the faucet nozzle. When you turn the water on low, it actually flows directly onto the edge of the sink. 50% of the water ends up in the drain and 50% of the water ends up on the floor.

Even with the water at full flow, the stream barely makes it into the bowl, and as soon as you put your hands in the water, a good portion of it gets splashed out of the sink and onto the floor.

Well, the problem was pretty easy to solve actually. Want to see how? After the link.

Cutting the top off a 1 liter water bottle I wrapped it around the faucet, taped it in place, and viola – – No More Spillage!

No, I know it’s not a beautiful solution, but it’s incredibly simple, easy to put together, cheap, and best of all – – effective.

I have to admit that I enjoy the poetic connection – – using a container designed to hold water as a tool to direct the flow of water.


  1. you are indeed an engineer. some of us would merely complain.

  2. conalldempsey says:

    Need to amend this to note that (1) my roommate was the genius behind the solution idea, we implemented it together and (2) the same roommate had the idea four months ago and didn’t do anything about it until I got here.

  3. anthony faber says:

    Very nice. Duct tape engineering at its finest.

  4. Conall: I am hoping you will learn the technical term for this very Indian problem-solving approach by the time your trip comes to an end 🙂

  5. I like the fix. I think I would have taken a different approach and added some sort of splash guard or gutter to the sink, rather than modifying the faucet. Seems like yours probably gets to a better place. How long do you anticipate lasting before you need to refresh your fix?

  6. @ Mark

    You and I think alike! My first instinct was to put up a splash guard or somehow extend the sink basin so as to capture the water better. I think this solution is better though, and illustrates the need to take different perspectives in analyzing problems. Simply relocating the water stream worked well!

    I am not sure about the durability. The taped portion does not really get wet, so I don’t see the tape wearing out. I could see some bacterial build up over time in the new “nozzle” since it never totally dries, but I am not sure how long that might take.

  7. conalldempsey says:

    @ Rajeshwaran

    Thanks for stopping by! I’ve living in Richmond Town in Bangalore and you’re in Richmond, VA. I hope the weather is as kind to you there as it is here. Safe travels!

  8. It is cold here. Very cold by Indian Standards. I work with Pat Cleaver. It was he who directed me to your blog.

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