A painted masterpiece

A half-painted house in Malaysia caught my eye.

Painted House Half

This made me think back and ask, how did this occur?

  • Did the painter run out of paint?
  • Did the owner really contract just to paint just the ten feet of his building closest the street?
  • Did the owner run out of money to pay for the work?
  • Was there previously another building blocking the way? No, it seems unlikely since there is a window in the unpainted area.
  • Did something unrelated interrupt the work? Public holiday? Civil unrest? Family obligations?
  • Even if the original job was interrupted, why was the work never completed?


  1. Perhaps this is similar to the false facade used in old western films. Maybe the owner was taking a street side photo of the building and was just going to be careful to frame out the unpainted section.

  2. conalldempsey says:

    @ Mark

    I hadn’t thought of the idea of shooting a picture of just the front of the house. That is definitely a reasonable explanation of what may have happened. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Jin Sheen Yeoh says:

    They only painted parts that mattered (Which is the front and parts of the side) – this mirrors your friend’s comment about films. I think the funny thing is that this building was even painted after all! I am sure you’ve seen tonnes of buildings at home which need a paint job and it has never been done after it was built..
    Another hting to note is that it’s actually really expensive to get your house painted in Malaysia – the weather is so wet and humid that a lot of paints don’t last very long…and most paints are imported (Japan mostly i think?) – so it does end up becoming a cost issue…

    I love that you flew a kite in Malacca (English spelling of the name)! Did you go to A Formosa? Did you go to Makam Mahsuri (Tomb of Mahsuri?)

    And good to know you are surviving and enjoying your travels! 😀

  4. conalldempsey says:

    @ Jin

    Exactly. If you’re not going to paint it all, why paint it AT ALL? I am not saying they had no reason, I was just musing about what the reason could be. Trying to divine the cause based on the results.

    I did go to A Formosa, not too impressed. I didn’t get to Makam Mahsuri.

    Thanks for the comments!

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