A chemist’s fresh lime soda

I have become a big fan of fresh lime soda over the last four months.

Before India, the closest thing I’ve have to this drink was probably Sprite.

Fresh lime soda is a simple combination of fresh-squeezed lime juice and soda water. You can choose to add sugar, salt, or both to the drink as per your taste.

Personally, I prefer to order my fresh lime soda “sweet and salt”, and trust the masters in the kitchen to add just the right amount of sugar and salt so that the drink ends up tasting very close to a margarita (minus the tequila).

One hotel in Chennai had an interesting twist in how they serve the beverage.

All of the ingredients were provided separately and I was given the task of finding the right combination. (Note: The clear liquid in the top bowl is sugar syrup.)

A great presentation. A needless dirtying of excess dishes. A challenge to find the right ratios to mix.

My hat is off to all the fabulous mixers who have perfected the art of fresh lime soda, sweet and salt.


  1. conall – while i have never had a fresh lime soda, it sounds pretty good. I think the diy approach is kind of a neat and fun approach, but may be a little hard on a novice drinker who does not their mix.

  2. conalldempsey says:

    @ mark

    Thanks for the comments. I definitely recommend fresh lime soda and perhaps we can try to mix up a few when I back in Chicago this summer. I definitely put WAY too much salt in mine, even though I had intended to put “just a dash”.

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