Well Worn Document

Very excited. I just got a new passport. It feels so clean, crisp and business-like.

After only 8 of the 10 years of validity on my old passport had passed, I expedited its demise by accidentally running the document through the washing machine.

Despite the fact that my picture is not very recognizable in the old passport and that most of the ink has run, I used the document for ID quite a bit since the damage. Still, I did not want to risk trying to get back into the USA using it.

And in the new experience category, getting this new passport required my first visit to a US Embassy.

So here’s my new passport. Ready to rock for another ten years and hopefully at least as many countries as the last one took me through!  I think I’ll invest in a passport holder for this one though!

Note: After eight years with one passport number, I am not looking forward to having to memorize this new one.

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  1. Happy Traveling!

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