4 thoughts on “Maybe they couldn’t think of anything better to do

  1. @ K

    I’ve been wondering if I should shoot out a flippant “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.”

    However, to tell the full truth, I don’t know. The contest went back and forth for about ten minutes before I lost interest. However I will tell you that the entire contest is pretty well represented by the video, the black cow was stronger and tended to be more in control, but the brown cow did make a few good moves. I’d say the black cow had the upper hand about 65% of the time I was watching.

  2. Did you throw out a, “How now brown cow?” whenever the black cow (I could really go for a root beer float now) did an awesome move?

  3. @ K

    Nope. I kept my comments to a minimum. I wasn’t prepared to back up any comments with head butting, so I left the fighting to the cows.

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