Fish + Bread = Frenzy

Not to spoil you all with video posts, but here is another quick video.

The other day, standing on a pier in Bangkok I noticed hundreds of fish in the water swarming the pier. It is a murky river, so I am sure the hundreds I could see were indicative of thousands beneath the surface.

Shortly it became clear why there were so many fish. Vendors were selling bags of bread for 0.5 baht to toss to the fish, causing them to go into a feeding frenzy!


When too much bread hit the water in one go, the fish really went nuts. Tails flew around and ended up splashing the people who threw the bread. I was glad I was far enough away to capture the action on video without getting splashed.

I wondered if the vendors later catch these fish and sell them too. What a great business! Charge people to help you grow product, then charge them for the finished product.


  1. Conall,

    Is fishing allowed there? Seems like you could have caught a few fish to sell and buy the bread from the vendors to keep your livelihood going…

  2. Jin Sheen Yeoh says:

    Nice. πŸ™‚ Glad you are enjoying Thailand. check out Ayuthya if you have a chance. Or Chieng Mai and go up the Mong Village. Ride the elephants. πŸ˜€

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