Cool Pics?

The loss of my camera was a major hold up for this website, so I feel that the reinstatement of my shooting privileges deserves equal if not greater press.

I owe a huge thank you to Maire, for loaning a camera from her personal collection for use by the Conall Dempsey Institute over the next two months. The pictures you see posted during the remainder of my tour of India would not be possible without her generous support. Thank you Maire!

Although I don’t usually get photos up the very same day that I take them, since today was my first day back behind the shutter after a long break, I added a few new shots to the gallery to commemorate this occasion:



  1. You are welcome. I think I can speak for all your readers and say that we missed the photo updates. I am looking forward to your future posts!!

  2. It was gr8 come back! I really liked the captions that you added to the photographs! Simple, witty and precise

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