A quick first glance at Bangalore

I had been warned that traffic in India would make me think that the craziest drivers in Chicago are completely tame. Traffic has seemed a bit out of control, but I am sure I haven’t seen the extremes yet.  Still, if there needs to be a sign specifying that drivers ought to obey the rules, then chances are nobody is actually following the rules!

On the wall across the street from my apartment this phrase is painted about every twenty feet. Unfortunately, this request is routinely ignored.

I thought it was worth noting how the stenciled sign initially read “PLEASE DO NOT URINATE”, but someone realized that this was a huge imposition to be requested of anyone.  The sign was then updated to specify “PLEASE DO NOT URINATE HERE,” which in my opinion is significantly more reasonable.

3 thoughts on “A quick first glance at Bangalore

  1. @ Liam

    Thanks for visiting, I love to share the experience with anyone who cares to share!

    @ Balu

    Thanks for the welcome to Bangalore! So far my experience has been top-notch and I look forward to the next six months.

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