A little insanity at the zoo

A funny little white squirrel was putting on a show today at the Singapore Zoo.


The back flips were going on before I arrived, continued constantly for about 5 minutes while I stood there, and were still going when I left. I want that kind of energy.

Note: This is my first experiment in adding video to my website. Let me know if it slows down the load time too much, if you like it or if you don’t.


  1. hahahaha awesome! I’m really enjoying your updates. Keep ’em coming =) Be prepared for the heat that is Cambodia! OMG!

  2. You can upload videos in SE Asia? Man, how I envy you.

    Back in TZ. Waiting for Gmail to open..

  3. conalldempsey says:

    @ Julie

    You got it! Will do. Glad you enjoy.

    @ Anthony Faber

    Thanks for the link. I hear that SD Zoo is one that was the inspiration for the Singapore Zoo. Have you been there?

    @ Jim

    I am glad the gmail delays gave you time to visit conalldempsey.com. Yeah, internet over here is easy to come by, pretty fast, and really cheap…often free! Expect more videos!

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