A few days more

Yellow ChameleonComing up on one week in Singapore. I’ve been able to visit a few places around the city. From Chinatown to Little India, all around the Quays, out to the Flyer (Singapore’s ferris wheel – the biggest in the world, for now), and to the best place of all…Dempsey Hill.  Well, ok, so Dempsey Hill is just a place where all the expatriates hang out, but the one place we ate there was the very tasty, if high-priced,  PS Cafe.  But what in Singapore isn’t costly?

To be fair, I ate lunch yesterday for under 3 Sing dollars.  Hainanese chicken rice, from a vendor in the China Complex in Chinatown. The low price may be because that food court was not filled with the ex-pats and tourists  from the nearby market street – except me of course! You get the feeling that it is where all the street vendors came to eat lunch.

Singapore is a great city to just wander around, especially if you make a habit of stopping at each 7-11 to buy a beer and perhaps a snack. We call it 7-11 hopping!  I advise buying the 330mL can because the heat is always in a hurry to warm up your drink.  Before you finish the 330 can you’ll have gotten to the next 7-11 anyway. Beware!  Carrying an open beer around is not illegal, but it seems to have the effect of making everyone want to stop you to ask for directions.

A new habit I’ve developed has been using hotel bathrooms several times a day to rinse off the sweat from simply being outside.  Unfortunately the clean feeling doesn’t last too long.


My list of remaining activities to complete in Singapore includes visiting:

– The zoo

– Night safari (been hearing mixed reports on if this is any good)

– Tiger Brewery (need to find out if they do tours)

– Asian Civilization Museum

– East Coast Park

– Any other suggestions?

I head out on Tuesday to go to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.  If you’re around any of those countries, let me know. I should be back in Singapore around May 27th for a few days.  As usual, new photos are posted here. I can’t sort them in reverse order to put the most recent at the top, so I suggest viewing from the end of the album.


  1. Chieh Min says:

    nice chameleon pic, almost seems like you’re missing a leg there…..not heading to malaysia? thailand should be good times!

  2. conalldempsey says:

    @ Chieh Min

    Malaysia will be in June. This is just three weeks for Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

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