A few days in Singapore

Conall Green Wall

It takes 24 hours to fly from Chicago to Singapore, plus any delays.  The swine-flu outbreak can pretty much guarantee a serious delay for any plane landing from the USA in Asia, but surprisingly it was one late passenger who delayed my trip from Tokyo to Singapore.  Here are a few highlights from the trip so far:

ORD (Chicago):

– Questioned at the counter over a visa extension I didn’t need. Was the trip going to be cancelled before it started? I wondered.

– Some guy had neon green laces in his tennis shoes

– ANA sent two staff members out to formally wave to the plane as we taxied away from the gate

NRT (Tokyo):

– Swine flu quarantine and face masks. Left overs from the SARS epidemic?

– Airport full of smoking lounges. Every 100 feet it seemed like. They were rather exclusive and posh, sponsored by the cigarette brands.

– Full of news crews

– A long hallway which takes 6 minutes to walk down…on four moving walkways

– No free internet. Major letdown.

Changi (Singapore):

– First time passing through a body-temp scanner. Apparently also purchased during the SARS outbreak.

– Given a 90 day visa, no questions asked. Silly O’Hare officials, trying to make trouble for me.

In Singapore:

Government-owned high-rise apartments everywhere

– Clean city with no litterLittle India Lunch

– Tasty Indian food in little India, served on a banana leaf and to be eaten using your hands. A first for me, rice with the hands. It got messy. Then I opted for the fork

– Humidity to end all humidity, but beautiful weather, as long as you don’t need to be dressed up.

– No gum. No littering. But drinking in public is approved! This is my kind of city.

– Check my photo page for more updates. So far I’ve been able to update daily, that might change when I head into Laos next week.

Yes, it has been an eventful start.  A word of caution, liquor is super expensive in Singapore, with beers ringing in at about $8 USD at any bar. Can you say “off-duty” shopping on my next trip out of this country?  Last night we sat in a bar where a glass of scotch cost the same as a beer…I was ok with that, but I wish the price wasn’t $14 Sing.


  1. Joey Gill says:

    Oh dude those banana leaf meals are the bomb, and usually very spicy too! Be sure to try “teh tarik” (translated into pulled tea) and “roti canai” (a type of indian bread) … aaah im salivating just thinking about it.

  2. Jin Sheen Yeoh says:

    Nasi Lemak!!!! 😀 Oh yeah, alcohol is expensive. Ask Jin Ai where to get cheap drinks, she knows S’pore like the back of her hand i’m sure. 🙂

  3. Drinking in Singapore sounds like drinking in NYC…

  4. conalldempsey says:

    @ Joey Gill

    Thanks for the tips Joey. If you have any other suggestions definitely let me know. I’ve added those two to my culinary adventures list!

    @ Jin Sheen Yeoh

    Same goes, I will definitely find this Nasi Lemak

    @ Chrissy

    That’s why you need to move to Chicago! Luckily the cost of drinking in bars has driven us to adopt the 7-11 beer run and chilling outside by the river, which isn’t such a bad thing.

  5. Stephen Wylie says:

    whats with the prices of a simple drink “called beer””in Singapore? Well, its about controlling public order

  6. conalldempsey says:

    @ Stephen Wylie

    Thanks for visiting conalldempsey.com and commenting! Welcome. Curbing the amount of drinking sure does seem to do the trick. Singapore was so orderly and clean and enjoyable. Quite impressive. Is it a good trade off though?

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