A day in Singapore Harbor

Big Boat

I love boats!

Admiral Cheng Ho BoatSingapore Harbor is the busiest in the world, so I absolutely had to check it out. Of course, not wanting to draw too much attention to myself, I booked passage on this rather low-key boat for a two and a half hour cruise of the harbor.

In addition to a cruise, they provided tea, coffee and some surprisingly tasty cakes and pastries, but I wasn’t there for the food. I just wanted to see the boats.  I really wish I knew more about ships so I could tell from looking at them what they were used for. Which are for cargo transport? Which are just for repairs?  Which load and unload? Which fight fires? Etc.

On the way to the cruise, I picked up some binoculars, so I could keep a good watch over the harbor and ensure the boat captains followed the rules.

Captain Conall

I am really glad I brought the binoculars, because if someone else had them and I didn’t, I definitely would have been jealous.

I’ve added quite a few pics of the boats to my photo album.


  1. Jin Sheen Yeoh says:

    LOL on binocs. 🙂
    You are back in Singapore? Does this mean you have come to full circle with your trip?

  2. conalldempsey says:

    @ Jin

    I was back in Singapore for a few days while I waited on the Vietnamese embassy to process my visa. Now I am in Vietnam and will just swing back through Singapore for a day before heading back Stateside!

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