Caterpillar Caboose

It is usually unwise to cross the path of a train at the same time as a train is crossing. In certain cases, however, such an action is not too terribly unsafe.

Ponder this lengthy arrangements of fuzzy caterpillars crossing a hilltop path. Lined up head to tail, each caterpillar is a car hitched on to a long train. Each car is part cargo and part engine. This train displays remarkable capabilities to split, re-connect, divide into multiple paths and rejoin into one.

Bonus points go to anyone who can count the total number of caterpillars on this train.

This post may be best if accompanied by the Quad City Dj’s – C’Mon ‘N Ride It (The Train)

Running Silent in Detroit

As you know, I’ve been in India for about a week now and no, I didn’t make a special trip back to the USA for this post. Still, this train was pretty cool so I wanted to put up the video (even though it is a few weeks later).

Inside the Detroit airport there is a train. INSIDE.

This train is so quiet, that unless you look right at it and see it going by, you wouldn’t even notice it. This video was shot at full-volume and is delivered to you at the same.


For comparison, compare the train noise to the airport announcement you can hear.

The trains are aligned

Singapore’s transit system is pretty impressive. Clean, timely, and well air-conditioned.

In each station they have arrows painted on the ground to help direct the flow of passengers onto and off the trains.

Arrows on the ground

Pretty impressive that the trains line up exactly with these arrows every time they come into the station, but is it really necessary? Especially if you consider that people don’t pay attention to the lines.

Train arrows and people