A river runs near it

At my apartment in Bangalore there is a strange problem with the bathroom sink.

It is situated too far away from the faucet nozzle. When you turn the water on low, it actually flows directly onto the edge of the sink. 50% of the water ends up in the drain and 50% of the water ends up on the floor.

Even with the water at full flow, the stream barely makes it into the bowl, and as soon as you put your hands in the water, a good portion of it gets splashed out of the sink and onto the floor.

Well, the problem was pretty easy to solve actually. Want to see how? After the link.

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Children Must Wash Hands Too

It is not uncommon for mens’ bathrooms to include a urinal (or two) at a lower height than the rest, for kids (and possibly shorter people) to use.

This week I came across the first bathroom I’ve ever seen with a  lower sink also provided! I am sure it is not the only such example in the world, and perhaps some of you have seen this more often, but it was the first I’ve seen.

It seems like every bathroom which provides a shorter urinal ought to also provide a shorter sink.  Afterall, the users of the short urinal will have to wash their hands too, right?