What Gets Left Behind

There are a lot of inter-playing levels of temporary and permanent items here.  The item removed, the instruction, the spray-paint, the structure itself (which is a plywood fence around a construction site); was any consideration given to how long each of these items would stay here?

Remove Sign

Other questions I have:

What was removed?

Why was the target removed, but the instruction to remove left behind?

Did the person who wrote “remove” consider the relative permanence of his/her message?

Permanent Seating

Outside a public building in Menlo Park, CA, I saw several of these objects bolted to the wall.


There were about eight of these in a row and at one end, a portable toilet.


The flat panels rotate to make a seat for those folks waiting in line to use the toilet!


An interesting combination of permanent seating with a temporary toilet.

Why do you suppose the seat platforms rotate from vertical to horizontal? A few ideas are (a) to speed drying after the seats get rained on (b) to avoid people leaving trash on the seats (c) any other ideas?