A look inside the cereal box

Cereal-box-frontAs I went to enjoy my breakfast this morning I decided that I was in the mood for some cereal.

I enjoy many different breakfast cereals, but today I opted for Honey Bunches of Oats.

It was an unopened box; well, it was before I took this picture of it.

After opening the lid and the interior plastic bag, I started to think about this packaging.

As far back as I can remember, every boxed breakfast cereal I have encountered has been packaged the same way. The same outside cardboard box and interior plastic bag.

Where’s the innovation?

How does this packaging handle examination by the currently highly-focused “green analysis” experts?

What were cereal boxes like before this standardization?

Is there anyone out there trying to innovate, if only for a nice change of pace?

Looking inside a cereal box

Do you have any other cereal box related questions?

How about any answers to my cereal box questions?

Menu Innovation

Tried and tested. These items sure are available and are happily provided upon request. An innovative way to expand the menu.

Text from above picture: At Mainland China, we believe nothing should come in the way of your dining pleasure. That’s why we have available for you reading glasses in a range of powers, a sewing kit, contact lens cleaning solution, woolen shawl, safety pins, ear buds, band-aids, sanitary napkins.  Should you require any assistance, please ask the washroom attendant or the Captain.

I wonder who decided which items should be on the list of those stocked for guests and how they decided.

Capital new cap

Have you seen this new kind of bottle cap?

It is simple.

It is easy to open without a bottle topper or crushing and tearing up your hand.

It can be easy replaced atop the bottle after opening, to keep the bottle sealed between gulps.

I am excited about this new kind of top. Not as much because I think it’s the greatest bottle cap I’ve ever seen, more because I love when people begin to innovate in products that have been stagnating for a long time.

Kudos to the folks over at Kingfisher!