A river runs near it

At my apartment in Bangalore there is a strange problem with the bathroom sink.

It is situated too far away from the faucet nozzle. When you turn the water on low, it actually flows directly onto the edge of the sink. 50% of the water ends up in the drain and 50% of the water ends up on the floor.

Even with the water at full flow, the stream barely makes it into the bowl, and as soon as you put your hands in the water, a good portion of it gets splashed out of the sink and onto the floor.

Well, the problem was pretty easy to solve actually. Want to see how? After the link.

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Meet Conall in India?

After spending the last six months back in my native Chicago (and wandering about the USA a bit) I am heading out on the road again!  This time I am off to explore India where I’ll be helping develop medical products for use in the rural parts of the country.

All in, I’m quite excited about this opportunity and look forward to sharing a lot of my wonderful experiences right here on this website.  This adventure has a lot of characteristics I’m quite excited about, here are just a few:

  • Product Design
  • Developing Market
  • Start-up
  • International Work Experience
  • Travel
  • Meeting a ton of new people

I’ll also be adding new pictures frequently over on the photos page, so be sure to visit often to explore with me.

Leaving tonight, I won’t actually arrive in India until about 5AM on Wednesday!

If you happen to reside in India and want to try to meet while I am there, or if you would like to share any recommendations about great places to stay, visit, eat, sleep, hang out, etc, please contact me!

I will be calling Bangalore my home for the next six months but I also expect to visit as many corners of India as possible.

Let’s roll!