Why so little water?

Why do restaurants provide under-sized cups when you ask for water with a meal?

Is the cost difference between this little clear plastic cup and the regular soda-pop cups so huge?

Are you trying to force me into ordering soda-pop by ensuring I can not quench my thirst with water?

Are you thinking I will be too lazy to get up and refill this cup as often as it would require and thus I will buy a larger soda-pop cup?

Have you never been thirsty for water in your life?

Pictured: A “water” cup next to a “small soda” cup at a well-known national restaurant chain. I bet you can recognize the chain from the decor – or at least find the name not too terribly hidden in the picture!

Ideal Ice Level

Styrofoam cupOn the side of a familiarly-branded foam cup, this small icon was spotted (sorry for the blurry picture).

It appears to be an indicator of how much ice to fill the cup with. Can you figure out any other meaning behind this icon?

If it is an “ideal ice level” indicator, I wonder how the cup maker decided what was the ideal amount.

Is it based on an average assumed beverage consumption rate?

Is it trying to ensure that an average consumer will imbibe the majority of their drink at some ideal temperature which provides maximum enjoyment?

Shared Water

In India, water is much more of a shared public resource. Playing basketball on the public courts, if you bring a bottle of water, you should expect to be asked to share with anyone who wants a bit.

This is a public water source. In most places I’ve visited, a drinking fountain is the dispenser of choice. Here, a shared cup is the option.

I think that using a cup would tend to reduce the overall wasted water, since you’d tend to drink it in quantized amounts.  As opposed to the drinking fountain, where you have a constant flow, some of which one invariably fails to consume. However, the added number of parts required, dust and dirt, potential cross-contamination and other factors tend to make me favor the drinking fountain.

I do not know why the chains were made long enough for the cups to fall to the ground. Potentially to allow for the cups to be raised up enough to reach a taller person’s mouth.