Worn to perfection

Warped, discolored and heavily scratched, one look tells you that this pan has been used many times to cook pizza.  Unlike some over-worn instruments, this evidence of extreme use makes me even more eager to try the pizza.

It builds credibility in my eyes for the preparer, and makes me automatically inclined to trust that this pizza will be delicious.

Warmth, home, great cooking. A pan that looks like this brings all those ideas to mind.

Strangely, when you watch the cooking channel, you see that all the cooks and kitchens are kitted out with brand new equipment!  Not so much as a scuff or a scratch!  I think they are missing something there.

On the other hand, I would never want to see well worn instruments at my doctor’s office. Worn-out instruments would do the opposite of building credibility in that circumstance.

Nor would ding, dents or scratches ever cause me to enjoy a car more than one in mint condition.

So where does the line get drawn? Why are some well-used items more attractive, and some less?  How can products be boxed predictably into these categories?