Simple. Simpler. Simplest Machines.

Three can openers

The term simple machines should really be “simplest machines.” A can opener should count as a simple machine, but if pulleys, wheels, and levers are in that category, then a can opener certainly can’t be.

During the course of the last six months, I’ve had to buy three new can openers. Increasing in price from left to right, these three each graced my kitchen utensil drawer at one point. The third and final opener works well and consistently every time. Thanks OXO. The other two failed to even open the very first can. They had not worn down over time, they were just not designed well for the job. No thanks, Target.

What’s a can opener that doesn’t open cans?

Well, the good news is that they products are at least interesting shapes to look at. The non-functional openers are now pleasant citizens of my “cool things to look at and play with” shelf!