For Hotels, by Hotel Users

This past week I stayed at a hotel which had a remarkable setup in terms of bathroom lights.  It is amazing to think that there is room for innovation in hotels bathroom lights! I’ve stayed in far too many hotels, but I’ve never seen a hotel which has this setup.

There were three levels of lighting to address your bathroom needs:

(1) Using the bathroom

(2) Using the Mirror

(3) Nighttime

The three levels of light are shown below, all of the same portion of the bathroom. Taken on my camera phone, the pictures aren’t great, but I think they carry the idea across.  The first two lighting scenarios are pretty basic and routine, but the third is a scenario that I think most people can appreciate, but few hotels seem to consider.




As you can see, there isn’t even enough light to take a decent picture in this nighttime lighting, yet, at 3AM when you wake up from sleep it’s plenty of light to see your way to the bathroom without stumbling.