Flying Tree Branch


A few facts about this kite:

  1. It cost approximately $0.60 USD
  2. It was purchased and flown in Melaka, Malaysia
  3. It did not come with a cross-bar (which probably explains fact 1)
  4. It did ultimately fly up to the full length of the string provided (approximately 100 ft)
  5. The crossbar was replaced by a stick (see below) which I discovered on the ground only shortly after discovering the crossbar was missing
  6. We were in a parking lot when I found this stick, not an area I’d have expected to find such an apt solution to our missing cross-bar issue
  7. The stick fit perfectly and was light-weight
  8. The kite was flown by a friend and me for about an hour, while I got soundly sun scorched. Definitely worth it.
  9. The kite was given away  to a youngster who saw us walking down the street with it after we finished

Kite Branch