Brain Bender: A boost in seating

A stack of twenty-one booster seats

Can you guess what sort of establishment would need this many booster seats?!

Think your thoughts, then click below to see where I found them.

If you we’re thinking “a movie theater” then you are spot on!

Naturally that would not be the only sort of place that would need this many. I imagine you could find such a collection at sport stadiums, concert venues, and anywhere else that has a lot of seating and expects crowds with kids.

When one starts a restaurant or public venue, I bet that buying booster seats is almost always an afterthought. Something that goes on the “to buy” list shortly after the first customer with a young child in tow asks for one.  Perhaps that could explain why they don’t change much. Strictly a functional product with no excess budget to be spent on form.

Booster seats designed for public use have not changed much over the years. Hard durable plastic. No moving parts. Easy to clean. Easy to stack.  On the other hand, the home and personal use market for kid’s seats is constantly innovating and refreshing.