A Critical Component

While I was working on my car this weekend I was making a few small adjustments to the door panels. As I opened and closed the passenger door a few times to ensure that the window still fit snugly inside the convertible top, this little piece fell from the door onto the driveway.

Corvette Spare Part

I have no idea what this part is or where it came from.

It’s about one inch by one inch, made of metal, and the center hole is threaded. My best guess is that it’s meant to hold another part in place.

So here I am, stuck with a spare piece that fell off my car. I have to assume it was meant for something, and probably ought to be put back on the car, but I can not find out where it belongs.  The good news is that I was able to drive the car about sixty miles without this part, and the car has not self-destructed…yet.

Even looking closely through a book of diagrams from this make and model Corvette did not turn up any promising leads.

Corvette Part Diagram

So, any classic Corvette experts out there who can help me out?  This little piece fell out of my 1975 Stingray convertible and I’d much appreciate any help towards putting it back where it belongs.

Now I am wondering what other pieces could fall off my car without affecting the driving experience.