The slope to my Intercept

Today I am going to share with you a brief review of my new cell phone, the Samsung Intercept, or ‘Mr. M910’, as the other mobile phones sometimes call it.

Samsung Intercept with Case

I’ve been using the phone for about two weeks now and overall I am very happy, but that could just be because I had been in a rut without internet on my phone and I missed it terribly.

As you can see, the phone is not a super-sleek hotshot phone. It isn’t the top of the line, but it is a great phone for the price.

So, since CNET and other sites have spent time calling out all the technical specs and such, I will just share a few comments about what using this phone it really like.

Samsung Intecept in hand

But for those comments and to see the phone naked (i.e. without its case on), you will need to dive into the next page! Continue reading