Fingers and Thumbs

Keyboard Netbook

In a given day I switch back-and-forth between my netbook and my mobile phone many times and pay almost no attention to the switch in keyboard. Lots of people do the same thing.

Curiously, while typing on my computer keyboard, I use only my four fingers on each hand.  When I type on my phone it is exclusively done by my thumbs.

Keyboard Mobile

When texting became popular I remember having to “learn” with my thumbs to text quickly, despite the fact that I had been a proficient computer keyboard typist for years.  Interesting to note that the same task (typing) is completed on different devices using different parts of the hand and there seems to be very little carryover knowledge.

With the introduction of Swype style typing (which will surely be followed by new typing technologies in future generations), I wonder how many different styles of typing our brains will be seamlessly swapping between.