Getting a handle on juice









Mott’s, I need to ask you something.

When manufacturing a gallon jug of apple juice, why do you insist on putting the handle at the base of the jug?

It’s awfully difficult to pour from the bottle when it’s full and you’ve got no leverage. In fact, I often have to use two hands in order to avoid spilling.

Please explain.

1 Scoop of Tender Coconut

Vendors abound where you can buy a fresh young coconut for about 15 rupees (approx $0.33). The vendor holds the coconut with one hand and deftly chops the top off with a machete in his other hand. The chopping itself is an art and perhaps subject for another post, but today I want to observe the brilliance that occurs AFTER you’ve finished drinking the coconut juice.

After he’s chopped a hole in the coconut and given you a straw to drink the coconut juice, you can ask him to chop the coconut in half, so you can eat the flesh. But what tool should you use?  Nature provides!

A neat slice from the outside of the coconut shell provides a nice scoop with a sharp edge to scrape and scoop out the coconut flesh. What a tasty treat!

Juice Junction(s)

Whenever I want a nice grilled cheese sandwich, or perhaps a fresh squeezed juice, I stop by the “Juice Junction.” It’s only a couple hundred yards up the road from the Embrace office here in Bangalore.

But NO! I’ve got it all wrong. Despite all the recommendations from my colleagues and the seemingly simple directions (“Leave the office. Turn right. Walk up the street and it’s on your right.”), I was somehow WRONG!

As it turns out, that is because there is a second Juice Junction:

This apparently, is the good Juice Junction to go to.

Oddly, it’s only fifty feet away, in the same mall, in the same line of sight. Two restaurants of exactly the same name. Weird. This one is part of a chain and the other is an imitation.

I guess that brand defense is just not worth the effort here in India,