Making plates disposable

I came across this little concept in Sri Lanka, where many restaurants cut down the amount of effort required to clean dishes by first putting a plastic sheet atop a standard ceramic plate.

Take a clean plate.

Add single plastic sheet.

Put food on top of sheet.


And after the meal has been consumed, you simply wrap up the plastic around the food and pitch it out.

Of course, this is not a perfect solution, since it introduces additional waste plastic into the process. I am not sure if the added plastic waste is offset by the saved dishes soap and water.  It seems that this plastic sheet probably uses LESS plastic than if they simply used disposable plastic plates.

Juice Junction(s)

Whenever I want a nice grilled cheese sandwich, or perhaps a fresh squeezed juice, I stop by the “Juice Junction.” It’s only a couple hundred yards up the road from the Embrace office here in Bangalore.

But NO! I’ve got it all wrong. Despite all the recommendations from my colleagues and the seemingly simple directions (“Leave the office. Turn right. Walk up the street and it’s on your right.”), I was somehow WRONG!

As it turns out, that is because there is a second Juice Junction:

This apparently, is the good Juice Junction to go to.

Oddly, it’s only fifty feet away, in the same mall, in the same line of sight. Two restaurants of exactly the same name. Weird. This one is part of a chain and the other is an imitation.

I guess that brand defense is just not worth the effort here in India,