First time use

It is interesting how my enjoyment of different products depends highly on how many times I’ve used that exact item before.

For example, the best experience of brushing my teeth is always the first time I use a new toothbrush.

With socks, the best experience wearing new socks is always the second or third wear. You know, when they still feel brand new, but they have way less lint.

Other than single-use products, can you think of other products where your enjoyment changes based on how many times you’ve used it before?

Swing in for a bite!

Last week I stopped in at one of the cupcake shops in Chicago. I have to admit, I hadn’t eaten a cupcake in years and I sometimes wondered how these shops could possibly make enough money to stay profitable.

So I went  to try this place out and I have to say, I really enjoyed it.  The highlight for me was this swing, which you can sit in at the counter while you eat.  There were enough swings for a group of people, but they also had stools (see picture) in case the swing wasn’t your thing.

Swing Counter

Most of the restaurant was the standard table and chair arrangement, but this throwback to my youth made my enjoyment of the “cupcake shop experience” much greater.  In fact, I commented that this style of seating is something I might need to mimic when I need to pick out seating for a counter or bar at my own place.

As it turns out, the secret to the store’s profitability is charging about $4 per cupcake.