Sharp, Quick, Bare-handed

A few weeks ago I wrote about my admiration for the way coconut vendors use the outside shell of a coconut to create a spoon for scraping the flesh out of the center.  In that post I remarked about the speed and deftness that slicing these coconuts entails, and here is a post to illustrate what I mean.

Step 1: Carefully cutting the top off the coconut to let you drink the juice.


Step 2: Cutting the coconut in half and making a spoon to let you eat the flesh.


1 Scoop of Tender Coconut

Vendors abound where you can buy a fresh young coconut for about 15 rupees (approx $0.33). The vendor holds the coconut with one hand and deftly chops the top off with a machete in his other hand. The chopping itself is an art and perhaps subject for another post, but today I want to observe the brilliance that occurs AFTER you’ve finished drinking the coconut juice.

After he’s chopped a hole in the coconut and given you a straw to drink the coconut juice, you can ask him to chop the coconut in half, so you can eat the flesh. But what tool should you use?  Nature provides!

A neat slice from the outside of the coconut shell provides a nice scoop with a sharp edge to scrape and scoop out the coconut flesh. What a tasty treat!