Walking on water

Construction was occurring on the sidewalk, rendering it impassable.  These paving stones were placed in the street to allow pedestrians to walk across the roadside ditch without getting wet.

Water Walkway

  • Allows people to avoid getting wet
  • Is a creative use of paving stones
  • Means that the construction workers saw a potential problem and addressed it

But, what happens when people need to pass in opposite directions at the same time?

City of Gorgeousness and more

Conall Rain

Bangkok got rained on, but it was still a great city.  Try the pineapple from the vendors on every street corner.

I attempted to go get dinner at the “Soi Polo Fried Chicken” restaurant. A bewildered cab driver delivered me, by this point also bewildered, to the Bangkok Polo Club. I knew I was in trouble when they started asking for my membership card….I’ve never been to a fried chicken joint that required membership.

A quick day trip to Ayutthaya (the aforementioned City of Gorgeousness, according to it’s brochure).   A great city to ride bicycles around, full of ruined Buddhist temples.  Got so distracted by the multitude of temple ruins that I ended up in a pinch for time to catch the night train to Chiang Mai (a city in northern Thailand).  As a result of that pinch, there was no time to get food, so in a twenty-four hour period my diet consisted of:

  • Wat Front1.5 small waffles
  • 1 fried pancake
  • Several glass of the Glenlivet 15 Scotch
  • Sugar filled roti
  • Peanuts
  • Pringles
  • Chocolate
  • Water
  • 1 liter of Pepsi

Now, that’s a diet to be proud of.

In Ayutthaya I also discovered that one twelve year old Buddhist monk doesn’t care much for the music on my MP3 player.

I’ve been in Chiang Mai for a couple of days now and this city is great. Relaxing, but full of great restaurants, bars, temples, massage parlours, etc.  Today it’s off to the jungle for white-water rafting and elephant riding, then I wave goodbye to Thailand and head off to Cambodia.

As usual, more pictures have been posted.

Table that beer!

I wasn’t too impressed with the fact that the ANA planes did not have personally controllable air-conditioning vents, unlike most planes I’ve ever flown.  However, I had to give them props for designing the tray-tables with a hole that perfectly matched the size of the cups they served drinks in.  Good way to avoid the drinks slipping around or getting knocked over.

Table Tray Cupholder Table Tray Cupholder Beer